Board of Directors

Comprised of ten directors who are elected to their positions by members of the PCS Membership. All directors must be members of PCS, and most are parents of PCS students. Members attend monthly board meetings, represent the board’s interests on one or more committees, oversee the staff/teacher/principal hiring and continue to provide overall direction on all school matters.

Any member of the Providence Christian School Membership can become a part of the Board of Directors.  Contact the school today for more information on getting involved at

2016 -2017 Board of Directors (as of May 2016):

  • Steve Koning
  • Darren Lammers
  • Richard Dilda
  • Andrea Vanderkruk
  • Brenda Brouwer
  • Jordan Douma
  • Art Jonker
  • Paulina Numan
  • Kevin Wedzinga
  • Ken Welmers

Tracey Alkema

There is a real sense of Christian community at PCS. Both staff and students are upheld in prayer by many of the families in our school community. Teachers are also supported by parents who volunteer frequently for various activities and work on a variety of committees to help the school run effectively. We are all pulling in the same direction: teaching children from a Christian perspective to help them see the Lordship of Christ in all areas of life and to live a life of service to our God.

Grade 5 Teacher

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