Board of Directors

Comprised of nine directors who are elected to their positions by members of the PCS Membership. All directors must be members of PCS, and most are parents of PCS students. Members attend monthly board meetings, represent the board’s interests on one or more committees, oversee the staff/teacher/principal hiring and continue to provide overall direction on all school matters.

Any member of the Providence Christian School Membership can become a part of the Board of Directors.  Contact the school today for more information on getting involved at

2017 -2018 Board of Directors (as of May 2017):

  • Brenda Brouwer
  • Richard Dilda
  • Jordan Douma
  • Art Jonker
  • Darren Lammers
  • Paulina Numan
  • Andrea Vanderkruk
  • Kevin Wedzinga
  • Ken Welmers


Surrounding yourself with godly, Christ-centered people with experience and a different perspective just seems like a fantastic idea when it comes to parenting and living life in general. I suppose the ultimate question has and continues to be for all of us, who will we chose to let that community be?


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