“He is risen.  He is risen indeed.”

This refrain rang out across the globe as Christians raised their voices in proclamation of this great and divine truth. On Sunday my parents’ pastor talked about living a resurrected life, as Jesus did.  He drew a parallel from the resurrection on the first day of the week as a sign of a new creation, mirroring God’s first creation.  Jesus not only died for our sins but was raised to life once more.  He was not only resurrected but then also lived once more.  He lived here on earth among His people after death before He ascended to heaven.  What an example He left for us to live the resurrection life here on earth.  Take the time to read through the parables of Jesus in Matthew and see how God may be calling you to live a resurrection life here and now.  We are the people of the resurrection, we are an Easter people.  Let us sow seeds of hope amid the brokenness of this world as we care for the sick and the needy, as we fight for the widow and the orphan, and we put ourselves to the task of tending to justice. We are Jesus followers so let us get busy following the path He laid out for us all the while praising Him for His redemptive work in our lives. Hallelujah, what a Savior.   

                                                                                                    ~ Mr. Bouwers