This past week a few staff members experienced milestone birthdays.  Now, every year that God gives us life is a reason to celebrate, however, we often reserve bigger celebrations for reaching different decades.  Milestones are important.  We may want to try and deny that fact, or some may want to deny their age but it does not decrease the significance of celebrating those milestones.  It is important to bring a culture of celebration around these events as it is part of our students’ growth in independence and faith formation.  We celebrate baptisms, professions of faith, turning double digits, and we culminate all of those with one larger milestone, graduation.  Finding different touchstones along the way for the young women and men in our care is vital for their healthy development. It might be a good conversation to have as parents, husband, and wife or between families, to share what we think is worth celebrating and what touchstones for our kids will become milestones.  After all, each and every one along the way is a testament to God’s faithfulness and goodness to us.

                                                                                                    ~ Mr. Bouwers