Christian Education Week for us is a week of celebrations.  We celebrate what our students love about Christian education through door decorations and through some of the devotions through the week.  And there are some things that we do just to celebrate.  We dress in pyjamas, we have hat and gum day, we dress as a favourite book character, we have a wacky hair day and colour day to end the week.  Sometimes, it is just good to celebrate. The joy that comes from this week is a real community building experience. The students were so excited and I have had parents say to me that this is their child’s favourite week of the year. When you can get some alignment in one direction, even if it is for celebration, it is a unifying and edifying experience.

    There were also opportunities for students to bring in money for a bake sale, jelly bean guess, and a licence to chew gum.  The money raised during this week and those activities will be donated towards EduDeo Ministries which is a Canadian, Christian mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in Biblical worldview.  They see, as do we, that education infused with the gospel leads to transformation.  This is our connection to the cause of Christian education across the globe.  It is a big tent idea that we want to cultivate in our students.

   Wednesday evening we had our “Spring Showcase” that displayed the work or our students and showcased the performances from our music program. During the evening students shared some poetry or thoughts regarding Christian education.  The walls were plastered with student work. From art pieces to projects, the learning of our students was on display.  It really is a wonderful way to celebrate Christian education.

    Having our school participate in Christian education week connects us to a larger community.  As mentioned before, Christian education week is also about celebrating God’s work and transformational power through quality, Christ-centered education.  When we think about connecting Christian education to a larger movement we come to realize that it is bigger than our school, our province, our continent, and even our world.  We realize it is about being faithful to God’s kingdom. We not only have the privilege to celebrate this but a responsibility to do just that.  Some areas of the world, Christian education would be considered illegal and suppressed or out of reach for many.  Thank you for celebrating Christian Education at PCS last week, and in the years to come.

                                                                                              ~ Mr. Bouwers