I was thinking about my week ahead yesterday.  It is often something that I do on Sunday, the first day of the week. As the week stretches out before us it can become a series of hurdles to overcome or tasks to complete before the next week arrives.  We think of the test coming up, the extra work that needs to be completed for a deadline, a mandatory course you have to take because of government certifications, or maybe there are milestone events coming up in the family that need some attending to.  You commit this to prayer, knowing that each week you continue on in the Lord’s strength and His wisdom.  As you commit this to prayer you will most likely come to the point where people who are close to you are in need of prayer for special requests and we come to another list.  Lists are not bad. Lists are very helpful but what they are not is reflective.  Lists like this do not answer the question, where have you seen God at work in your life this week?  If we keep our heads and eyes focused on our lists we may miss the opportunity to see amazing things that God is doing in our communities or in our world.  We can also overlook an occasion to look broader and further to see how brokenness and injustice are rampant in our world and if we miss that we fail to have our heart break for what breaks the heart of our Heavenly Father.  Maybe this week you can take 2 minutes to ask yourself a question to reflect more deeply alongside the important lists that we have to accompany us on our journey this week and at the end of the week ask, where have I seen God at work this week?

    Being reflective in our walk with God is very important.  Being reflective in regards to our personal and professional learning is also very important.  Taking time to apply contemplative aspects to our learning helps us, and our students are more thoughtful and insightful.  Questions we ask our students and children may also assist them in framing their learning each day and week.  “What did you learn today?”,  is a good initial question.  If you follow that up with a question that makes them interact with what they have learned, then it will be all the more meaningful for them.  Would you join me in an attempt to be more reflective this week?

                                                                                                          ~ Mr. Bouwers