At the end of this week we will have one of our biggest community events of the year.  I know that I tend to focus on this at this time of year but it is a really important event.  This community event could not happen without the dedication of our school community.  Springfest is something that we do and have done for over 20 years. We need to be involved and support this event. We don’t do it each year just because we have done it the year before, we do this each year as it is a wonderful community event and it assists in raising funds to enhance Christian education at Providence Christian School.  The event was moved to Rockton Fairgrounds this year as the venue in Dundas was not able to accommodate us this year. So come one, come all and support this event either with your time or with your attendance to honour the  event’s deep tradition and to support PCS in providing a quality, Christ-centered education!

                                                                                                          ~ Mr. Bouwers