This weekend we had an opportunity to talk with some friends from out of town.  When Springfest was over and after going to church we headed out of town for the rest of the weekend.  We met up with some other couples who we used to hang out with quite regularly when we lived in Uxbridge.   It was great to catch up and see what they were up to and how their kids were doing.  It was the kids who had changed the most.  We hadn’t seen some of them for some time so it was a bit of a shocker to see how they have “grown up”.  We got to hear some of their stories, both the highs and some lows, you know, just catching up. As we talked about our kids the subject of school comes up.  I know this is partly because they know that I work for a Christian school.  I also know that this is something that parents end up talking about.  It was good to hear parents advocating for their children and it was also good to hear that they were able to find Christian schools to meet them where they are at and work with them.  It really is a great joy to me when I hear story after story of Christian schools partnering with parents and their children and to hear stories of their flourishing. Thank you for partnering with Providence and we pray, through our partnership, that your children will flourish. We pray that our  children will be rooted in Christ, built up in the faith, and overflow with thankfulness.

                                                                                                          ~ Mr. Bouwers