Give thanks with a grateful heart!  There are so many reasons to give thanks to God each and every day.  As a school community we overflow with thankfulness.  We celebrate God’s wonderful gift of Canada this week Wednesday as we take time to mark 150 years as a nation.  We overflow with thankfulness for PCS as we wrap up our 55th year.  We celebrate learning with class trips and God’s athletic gifts through tournaments and field days.  We celebrate our graduation class on June 19th and we are ever thankful for the gift of Christian education. It is amazing that even now, in June, I get to share what PCS is all about to new families.  The theme verse dovetails nicely.  We are rooted and anchored in Christ.  That is what we do here.  We are continually built up in the faith and strengthened through teaching.  The response to being rooted and growing in Christ is  celebration and thanksgiving.  We are called to overflow with thanksgiving and as we do we celebrate the milestones as an organization, the learning milestones each student reaches, and personal milestones along the way.  Thank you for celebrating your faith with your kids and this school with our community.  To God be the glory!

In His Service,

 Mr. Bouwers