As I was attending the Master Track Field Day on Friday, I was able to observe a lot of races.  The one that is quite intriguing is the 1500m race.  Many students, full of nerves and excitement, shoot out of the gate.  Other runners have a more measured pace right from the start and make small moves throughout the race.  Over the course of the race, the field spreads out.  Some eager runners fall back in the pack and yet others move forward. What is always amazing to me is how they all finish straining and giving everything they have left.  It does not matter if it is the first or last runner they all finish well.  This analogy is reflected in our student body three ways this week .

   First, we are coming to the end of the school year and I challenge and encourage each and every student to continue to give their all, right to the finish line.  You have run this far, now finish strong.  Keep it up until you reach the finish line of the 2016-2017 school year.

   Secondly, for the grade 8 students this is not only the last week for them to end the school year but to end their time as students at PCS.  I encourage them to finish the year well.  Keep running this week and accomplish the important things that need to get done this week.  After that, it would be great to come up with a “race” plan for the next stage in life, high school.  What kind of race will you run over the next four years?

   Finally, that is a good reminder for us all.  What kind of race do we want to run?  In Hebrews, Paul encourages us to run the race that is set out before us.  There are some great ways to run a race and there are some great reminders in Hebrews 12.  Running with a partner or a group  of people is great so they can support you and help you reach your goals.   We run the race marked for us with the community of Christ, a great cloud of witnesses alongside us on this journey.  We also are to consider what might hinder us in the race.  At marathons there are scads of clothing and water bottles littering the side of the race.  We are called to throw off the sin that may entangle us so we can run the race as best as we can.  In the end, keep our eye on the prize, looking to Jesus as the center, to focus our efforts and to make sure we are running in the right direction.

   So let us finish strong, that includes this school year and it includes the race God has marked out for us.   

 Mr. Bouwers