Wrap Up
We have come to a point where we wrap up this school year.  We wrap up a year where we explored how we are rooted in Christ.  It was important to see how those roots anchor us and nourish us.  We dug into how we are built up and strengthened. We are strengthened in our [...]
Finishing Strong
As I was attending the Master Track Field Day on Friday, I was able to observe a lot of races.  The one that is quite intriguing is the 1500m race.  Many students, full of nerves and excitement, shoot out of the gate.  Other runners have a more measured pace right from the start and make [...]
Overflowing with Thankfulness
Give thanks with a grateful heart!  There are so many reasons to give thanks to God each and every day.  As a school community we overflow with thankfulness.  We celebrate God’s wonderful gift of Canada this week Wednesday as we take time to mark 150 years as a nation.  We overflow with thankfulness for PCS [...]
A paraphrased 1 Corinthians 13
If I can engage a whole classroom of students with my lessons, but do not have love, I am only scratching nails on the chalkboard or a fire alarm incessantly sounding. If I can craft exemplar lesson plans and differentiate lessons for 10 different ability levels and if I have can raise all test scores [...]
Long Weekend
This weekend we had an opportunity to talk with some friends from out of town.  When Springfest was over and after going to church we headed out of town for the rest of the weekend.  We met up with some other couples who we used to hang out with quite regularly when we lived in [...]
     At the end of this week we will have one of our biggest community events of the year.  I know that I tend to focus on this at this time of year but it is a really important event.  This community event could not happen without the dedication of our school community.  Springfest [...]
     I was thinking about my week ahead yesterday.  It is often something that I do on Sunday, the first day of the week. As the week stretches out before us it can become a series of hurdles to overcome or tasks to complete before the next week arrives.  We think of the test [...]
Christian Education Week
    Christian Education Week for us is a week of celebrations.  We celebrate what our students love about Christian education through door decorations and through some of the devotions through the week.  And there are some things that we do just to celebrate.  We dress in pyjamas, we have hat and gum day, we [...]
This past week a few staff members experienced milestone birthdays.  Now, every year that God gives us life is a reason to celebrate, however, we often reserve bigger celebrations for reaching different decades.  Milestones are important.  We may want to try and deny that fact, or some may want to deny their age but it [...]