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On Wednesday evening, May 25th 1955 a group of people met at the Greensville Township Hall for a meeting sponsored by the Hamilton Christian School Society.  It was the same place where a year previous, people had gathered to form a new congregation now known as the Calvin Christian Reformed Church.  Even though the church building was still only in the planning stages, it was the conviction of these immigrants that in order to complete the triangle of Christian living, namely the church, home and school, they needed to make plans for building a local Christian school.  Some people in the Flamborough and Dundas area were sending their children a long distance for Christian Education and it was not feasible due to the distance.  The discussions lead to the formation of the Greensville Christian School Society.  The meeting was concluded with a prayer and singing Psalm 25:2.  The second meeting was held in June and at this time a Board of directors was elected and the society joined the National Union of Christian Schools headquartered in Grand Rapids.

As membership grew so did the revenue from those memberships. In 1959 The GCCS took its first concrete steps towards starting a school.  They offered the Calvin Christian Reformed Church a loan in exchange for using the annex of the church for classroom space.   A year later the GCCS formally changed its name and became the Dundas Christian School Society.  The school postponed opening two times until, at last, on September 21, 1961 the first school year began.

During that same year, the board appointed a building committee to assist the Board in planning a school building.  A plot of land had been purchased on our current site and construction plans began.  It was not until 1964 that the building was completed and this school opened its doors on September 8, 1964.

“To build a school today implies that we have a definite outlook upon life knowing Christ as our Redeemer it involves that Christian parents need to engage in Christian education, preparing their children for the task awaiting them in life, in order to serve Christ everywhere in life.   With this in mind many Christian parents have come together to make possible an education which has a goal to teach the children the implications of a Christian world and life view.”  Reverend J. Nutma (opening address) 1964 

Through years of growth enrollment has increased over time and new additions have been added to the physical building.  Through it all Christian parents still come together to make Christian education possible to teach the children the implications of a Christian world and life view.

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