Greetings and welcome to Providence Christian School!

Christian education is a worthwhile journey and we'd like to take part in your experience.  The Lord is the Lord of all things, and at Providence Christian School (PCS), this truth guides our approach to education.

Our mission is defined by the following three objectives:

  • To provide a quality, Christ-centred education that effectively prepares each student for their next academic stepping stone.
  • To develop the talents of our students, each of whom is created in the image of God, with unique gifts that need to be recognized, nurtured and developed.
  • To prepare students for a life of leadership and contribution in God's kingdom, a life of Christian Service; this means doing our Father's work willingly and with a thankful heart.

This is what we are about! You will see evidence of our commitment throughout our web site. Click here to learn more about us or read some testimonials. May you be as excited about Providence Christian School as we are! If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

From the Principal's Desk

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