We have a strong tradition of athletics at PCS.  We have an intramural program that runs for students in grades 4-8 where participation is the main goal.  We also have competitive teams that compete against other area Christian schools.  These teams are generally reserved for students in grades 7 and 8 with some exceptions.  We are proud to offer Cross Country Running, Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field and Baseball.

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Providence Panthers Hockey

This letter is to inform you about events for the rest of our hockey season this year.

Monday, January 28 we have a game against Hamilton CCS at Dave Andreychuk Arena.  We have the ice from 3:00-4:00. Coaches will drive the players to the game and parents are responsible for the rides home.

Thursday, January 31 is the annual Guelph District Hockey Tournament.  The tournament is at Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex, 550 Belsyde Ave E, Fergus, ON N1M 2W5.  The coaches will bring the players to the tournament and back to school. Parents need to bring the players to school by 7:00 on Thursday.  We will notify you when we know what time we will arrive back at school. Parents are to have a ride home for their child from school.

Our last game is on Tuesday, February 5.  We will play Hamilton CCS at Harry Howell Arena from 2:00-3:00.  A bus will bring the players to and from the game.

Please wash the jersey and socks and return to Mr. Hagen as soon as possible after our last game.

Please let Mr. Hagen know if you have any questions or need help arranging rides.