The Importance of Christian Education

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The purpose of Christian education is to tell God’s story about living in His Kingdom, and preparing hearts, hands and minds for service. God reveals to us that He is our Lord, the creator of all things. Throughout the Biblical story, God makes clear to us that sin has completely impacted His perfect creation, yet God continues to demonstrate His grace. He promises that Christ will return again and return the harmony that was lost in creation. All are invited to enter His Kingdom.

Living in the Kingdom enables us to grow in faith. Day to day experiences that affect our lives give us the opportunity to nurture faith. Children’s experiences, their joys and sorrows, mould their lives. Christian schools take these experiences and fit them into God’s story.

Basic Principles of Christian Education

Acknowledging that Scriptures, in instructing us of God, creation, and ourselves contain basic principles authoritative and relevant for education, we hold that:

  1. The authority and responsibility for educating children resides in the parents or guardians of the children.  Parents may seek help from those who can competently carry out this God-given parental right.
  2. The primary aim of a Christian parent in securing the education of their child should be to give her a Christ-centred education, that is:
    • To teach the child God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ;
    • To direct and develop the individual’s God-given abilities and interests.
    • That he be instructed in the fear of God’s name so that he may know how to live to God’s glory.

Therefore, the Word of God must be the all-pervading force in the entire educational process and program.

  1. Christian parents, when seeking help in the education of their children, should seek those individuals and institutions that can provide a Christian education for the student.
  2. The responsibility for maintaining such institutions rests on the entire Christian Community.

Aims and Purpose of the School

Since an admission policy should be designed within the framework of the aim and purpose of the Christian school, we state, in brief, what it is:

  1. To make the child aware that she is an image bearer of God and that she stands in relationship to God, self, others, and creation, so that she may be prepared for meaningful participation in society.
  2. To provide wholesome learning opportunities so that the children can recognize and develop their God-given talents, learn to apply these talents, and extend their interests.
  3. To give basic instruction as required by the Department of Education.  All subjects shall be taught in the light of God’s Word.
  4. To lead the children towards willing obedience to God and the authority of His Word and, therefore, encourage a concern and respect for Government and others, a desire to give of themselves, honesty and integrity, and helping themselves find the joy and peace of a Christian commitment.
  5. To give the children a greater awareness and understanding of the secular and Christian communities, and guide them, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to understand that all of life is directed by God’s Word.

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