Mission & Values

PCS Vision

The Vision of PCS is “God’s children, reforming our world”.

PCS Mission

The Mission of PCS is “To provide a Christ centred, quality education, develop the talents of God’s children, and prepare them for Christian service”.

The vision and mission statement above make reference to our world and Christian service. This was done with clear purpose in mind, as our expectation is that our students will not only gain head knowledge of Christianity with a reformed perspective, but also take that knowledge and make a positive impact on their world in whatever path the Lord leads them.

Our Value Statements

We believe that …

Jesus Christ is Lord Over all Areas of Life

For that reason, we, as a Christian community, work together to establish and maintain Christian schools. Members subscribe to the constitution that outlines a statement of faith, the purpose for a Christian School and the governing structure of the school society.

We Are Called to Work and Live Obediently in all Areas of Life, Including Education

It is our aim to help each student grow into an independent person, striving to serve God according to His Word. Students are taught that they have a responsibility to develop and use their talents to serve and honour God and to care for His creation.

Every Child is to be Taught an Academic Program Within A Christian Framework

In keeping with Proverbs 22:6, we seek to assist the student acquire knowledge, insight, moral and spiritual values, personal responsibility, self-restraint and right conduct. The values and insights taught at school should be consistent with those taught at home. Parents who are part of our school society know that they share a value system quite similar to those held by the other parents.

All Members of the Christian School Community Share the Responsibility to Live as Christians

They do this by modeling a lifestyle that demonstrates Christian faith in action, which includes regular attendance at the church in which they have their membership, and assisting each other to provide for Christian education.

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