Our Staff

Kevin Bouwers

I am Kevin Bouwers and I have had the privilege of leading at this school for 9 years. My favourite thing about PCS is the wonderful community. In my 19 years in education I have seen the positive result of a good partnership between the home and school. PCS is a place where our passions for faith, for children and for education truly entwine.

Tina Vandervelde
Office Administrator

Hi, I'm Tina and I have been working in the Providence front office since 2010. I live in St. George with my husband, Doug, and we have four sons (all PCS alumni or still here) in various stages of education and employment. I like to read, cook and complete home improvement projects in my spare time. I LOVE my job and I'm blessed to be part of such a great school community and supportive staff at Providence!

Lindsey teBrake
Office Assistant

My name is Lindsey and I am Tina's office assistant! The opportunity to join the PCS team came at the perfect time, when my youngest child has started JK. With all of my children now enrolled, you'll find me in the office Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoons. I have really enjoyed digging deeper into this community and feel blessed to be a part of it. When not at school you’ll find me hiking, playing soccer, and enjoying time with family & friends.

Angeline VanderBoom
Financial Adminstrator

I'm Angeline VanderBoom and have been working in Christian School finance since 2010. I was excited to join the PCS team in 2019 and bring my experience from many other Christian Schools to the finance office here. I currently also serve Guelph Community Christian School and Ambassadors Christian School (Ottawa) as financial administrator and thoroughly enjoy the working environment and teams that I am a part of. I am a wife, and mom of 3 grown children, and in my spare time I enjoy photography, music, and hiking.

Mary Jane Tigchelaar
Junior Kindergarten

I am the JK teacher here at Providence and presently I am in my 16th year! I work part time and love each and every day - really! When I am not teaching, I am usually caring for a little baby as my husband and I foster babies for the Children's Aid Society. I enjoy working out, and love to play sports.

Jacqueline Brouwer
Senior Kindergarten

My name is Jacqueline Brouwer. I am currently in my 9th year of teaching at Providence Christian school and in my 11th year of teaching over all. I am cherishing my time teaching Senior Kindergarten. I have a blast going to work and hanging out with Providence’s littlest learners. We love to explore and wonder at God’s beautiful creation. I feel so blessed and grateful to be working in such a positive, Christ-centered school community who seeks to develop the gifts that God has given to each and every one of our students at Providence Christian School.

Julie Vos
Grade 1

My name is Julie Vos and this is my third year serving as a teacher at PCS. I love sharing together around the circle and I love storytelling. I really enjoy teaching all subjects, but I am especially passionate about reading and writing and finding creative and engaging ways to do both. I love each of my students dearly and I am passionate about creating a classroom that feels like home for my students with Jesus at the centre! We are a class family and each child is a valued, important, and special member of our family!

Annette Schreuders
Grade 1/2

My name is Annette Schreuders. This is my 24th year at Providence. I love being a primary classroom teacher. I studied at Redeemer College way back in its first years and finished at Calvin in '86. I taught for 2 wonderful years in Stratford, then moved to Holland with my Dutch husband. After about 8 years we immigrated back in '96 with two young children, and I have been at PCS ever since!

Stacie Hagen
Grade 2

Hello! I'm Stacie Hagen. This is my 13th year at Providence, and I am so blessed to be teaching here! I love PCS! My first year of teaching, in 2002, was in Georgetown Christian School. In 2003 I moved to DCCS and began teaching a 5/6 split. After I had our second son, I took 5 years off to work as a stay-at-home mom. In 2015, I returned to PCS to teach grade 2 part time. I have been teaching grade 2 ever since and love it! My favourite parts of teaching are sharing God's love with my students and exploring God's ordered creation!

Anita Moelker
Grade 3

Hi, I’m Anita Moelker and this is my second year teaching at PCS, however I have over 20 years of experience in the primary grades including JK through Grade 3. I love teaching Math, (I get pretty excited about all the patterns and designs God has made), Bible, (because I get to remind students of God’s love, forgiveness and faithfulness) and Art (because creating is such an important part of who God created us to be). My favourite thing to do is go camping with friends or family, including my 7 grandchildren. In my spare time I enjoy making cards, shopping for children’s books and hiking wherever there are trees.

Laura Yuille
Grade 3/4

My name is Laura Yuille and this is my first year teaching at Providence Christian School. Being a primary teacher is wonderful - I especially love reading aloud to my students and watching them get excited about learning! I studied at Boyce College in Louisville, KY and am currently earning my M.Ed at the University of Ottawa. When I’m not teaching I enjoy painting, baking, reading, and spending time with my family. I am so thankful to be a part of PCS where we desire to see children grow in knowledge and love for God!

Emily Latam
Grade 3/4

I am Emily Latam and I started my teaching career here at PCS in 2011. I started my time here in music and grade two, had some fun teaching grade four and now am enjoying teaching the grade 3/4 split. My favourite moments in teaching are when connections are made and God's love is shared. I completed my BA at Redeemer and completed my teacher's certificate at Charles Sturt. My husband Kevin and I have a little dog named Molly and we enjoy spending time outside and time with family. When I'm not at school I enjoy doing crafty things and reading!

Janelle Wensink
Grade 4

My name is Janelle Wensink, and this is my third year at PCS. After graduating from Redeemer in 2012, I spent some time supply teaching, while also spending a few years at home with my two young kids. I am passionate about teaching and love seeing the excitement for learning in students as they discover more about God’s amazing creation! Outside of teaching, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Dave Brouwer
Grade 5, Vice-Principal

Hi! I'm Dave Brouwer; this is my third year at Providence Christian School after teaching ten at Cambridge Christian School. I love Christ and learning, and I seek to pass both passions on to my students. I've attended Redeemer UC, McMaster University, Dordt College, and Calvin College to develop my gifts in teaching and leadership. It's a pleasure getting to know this community as a school supporter, to lead students in the discovery of their gifts as a teacher, and to support staff in their work as a vice-principal.

Tracy Alkema
Grade 5/6

My name is Tracy Alkema and I’ve been a teacher at Providence for roughly 13 years. Before that, I was involved as a parent since all four of my children attended here. I began my teaching career in Hamilton Calvin Christian School. I stayed at home for many years to raise our children, and when they were all in school, I returned to teaching part-time; first for a few months to fill in at a Hamilton public middle school, then back at Hamilton Calvin Christian, and finally here at PCS which I feel is “home.” My passion in teaching is to encourage students to live out their Christian faith, to love great stories, and to marvel at the wonders of God’s world.

Alex Paul
Grade 5/6

Hi, my name is Alex Paul and this is my first year teaching at Providence in Grade 5/6. After completing my Bachelor's Degree at Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo I moved to Fairview, Alberta to work for 2 years. Before making the decision to return to Ontario and pursue my teacher career, I attended Tauernhof Bible School in Schladming, Austria. I am passionate about sports(especially basketball) and enjoy playing the guitar. Last year I began my teaching career at Trinity Christian School in Burlington while filling in for a maternity leave and I am excited to be at Providence for year 2. My passion in teaching is seeing students grow as they hone their gifts and learn how to use them for serving the Lord.

Justin Versteeg
Grade 6, Vice-Principal

Hi! I’m Justin Versteeg. I’m the grade 6 teacher and one of the vice principals here at school. I’m the guy you see before and after school helping the students get off and on the bus safely. After teacher’s college, I taught for a year in Charlottetown and then taught for four years in Bowmanville before I began teaching here. I’ve been teaching at Providence for 10 years. I enjoy playing guitar and helping to lead our school’s praise team. I love sharing with students what their role as image reflectors means to the daily walk with the Lord.

Carla Alblas
Grade 7A

Hello! My name is Carla Alblas, and this is my fourth year teaching at PCS. I began teaching grade 5 in Jarvis over 20 years ago, and after staying at home for several years to raise my 4 children and working for 2 years at the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools , I am thrilled to be back in the classroom again! I enjoy creating classroom spaces that are comfortable and flexible for students, and I am passionate about making learning meaningful for everyone. I am grateful to be able to help students discover and embrace their gifts for a life of service beyond their time at PCS!

Kevin Stevens
Grade 7B

My name is Kevin Stevens and this is my first year here Providence Christian School (as a full staff member); I did one of my teaching placements here 7 years ago while I was attending Redeemer University. I have taught grade 7/8 for 5 years and one year at Woodland Christian High School. I love being able to share how everything on our planet points towards our Creator! I’ve always experienced this most out in nature seeing how the order and design in creation all works together. When I am not in the classroom, I love being outdoors as often as I can!

Daniel Hagen
Grade 8

My name is Daniel Hagen. I have spent my entire 17 year teaching career here at Providence Christian School. The majority of my 17 years have been in grade 8 helping prepare PCS graduates for the next stage in their education journey. I enjoy teaching students a love for God's Word and for sports. I have a heart for coaching and take pride in the athletic program here at PCS. Go Panthers!

Erin deHaan

Hi! My name is Erin deHaan. After graduating from Redeemer University College, I was blessed to begin my teaching career at Providence. This year I continue my 5th year of teaching French. I love sports and enjoy coaching some of the girls’ teams at Providence. I take joy in teaching art and exploring creative projects - such as the Bathroom Beautification at the school this year as part of our Winter Enrichment programs. I also have a passion for language and culture - particularly French! I try my best to share my passions and develop Christ’s love for the stranger and appreciation of different people and places of the world in my students.

Ingrid Vos

I have been connected to PCS for almost 30 years. First as a classroom teacher, then a parent, supply teacher, EA, and for the last number of years as the learning resource teacher. I love working in small learning groups and encouraging students to be all that God has made them to be. My husband Ted and I enjoy spending time with our three girls, two son-in-laws, and three grandsons and in my spare time I enjoy making cards.

Sarah Shields
Activity Day

My name is Sarah Shields. This is my second year at PCS as the Activity Day kindergarten teacher. I really enjoy helping introduce and prepare our new young students for kindergarten. When not at school, you can find me volunteering with youth programs at church, or curled up with a good book or even bent over a puzzle at the dining room table - the more pieces the better! My heart and passions in life are in serving the Lord and our communities.

Marge Kloet
Guidance Counselor

Hi I’m Marge! I am the Guidance Counsellor at PCS. I’m the one with lots of fidget toys who loves to talk about emotions! I've been a part of the PCS community for 17 years - ever since my daughter started Sonshine Preschool, more formally as staff for the past year. As a member of the staffing team I have the opportunity to consider ways to weave mental health and wellness into this community. I live in Dundas with my husband and 3 kids. Family life has kept me active enjoying the outdoors, music and sport activities.

Tamara DeWaard
Educational Assistant

After completing a Developmental Services Worker diploma at Fanshawe College, I went on to complete my teaching degree (Special Education and Elementary Education) at Calvin College. I've taught at both the elementary and high school level and in the Resource Department. Last year I joined the staff at PCS as an EA in the Resource department. I've really enjoyed being back in the school environment after being at home raising my family. In my spare time I enjoy being in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Annie Humphreys
Educational Assistant

I’m Annemarie Humphreys and I have been an Educational Assistant at Providence since 2016. I consider it a privilege and a joy to be part of the PCS team, helping the students grow academically and spiritually. I am married to Tim and we have twin boys who attend PCS. Outside of work, I enjoy going on adventures with my family and reading a good book. You can usually find me with a coffee in my hand; in fact, I have a plaque in my kitchen that reads: “All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!”

Kendra Lutley
Educational Assistant/PSW

Hi, I’m Kendra Lutley! I have worked with children in a number of different capacities - as a preschool teacher, an EA, and a behavioural therapist. God has given me the passion for helping children grow and learn, and with a diploma in ECE and a post-graduate certificate in Autism & Behavioural Science, He has led me to join the incredible staff here at PCS! Outside of school, you can find me in my church choir or volunteering with the senior high youth group - always with my tea close by!

Jessica VandenBrink
Educational Assistant

Hi, I'm Jessica and I am excited to once again be on staff at PCS. I am married to Paul and we have four children - all of whom have now graduated from PCS. Over the years I have worked with children in a variety of ways: as an elementary and high school teacher, as an EA, as a children's ministry coordinator and as a foster parent. It is an honour to be a part of the team at PCS encouraging children to develop and use the gifts and abilities that God has given them. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, going for walks and baking.

Brittany Scharringa
Educational Assistant/PSW

My name is Brittany Scharringa, I am an Educational Assistant/PSW at Providence. Before coming to Providence I graduated from Mohawk College with an Educational Support Diploma. From there I worked for a year for the Hamilton Catholic School Board. I have been at Providence for two years now and love finding new and exciting ways to teach children with special needs.

Jessica Schuurman
Educational Assistant

Hi, my name is Jessica. After high school I spent a year in Haiti with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee where I volunteered at an orphanage in Cap Haitian. When I returned to Canada I attended Mohawk College and completed the Child and Youth Counsellor program. After spending 10+ years in the public school system as an Education Assistant I am pleased to have accepted a part-time position at PCS. I am thankful for all the opportunities God has given me over the years and look forward to starting this new chapter here at Providence.

Emily Janzen
Educational Assistant

My name is Emily Janzen. I am an Educational Assistant at PCS. Before deciding to go to school to become an Early Childhood Educator, I attended Capernwray Bible College in England and then, upon returning home, I spent two years as a nanny for two beautiful girls. While finishing up my final year of post-secondary, I had the privilege of beginning my role as EA in the SK classroom at Providence. I love being a part of the PCS community and I am so excited that God has blessed me with another year to spend working with the SKs!

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